Who We Are

Dewey Koshenina / Photographer

With more years of experience than we can count on five hands, Dewey has seen and done it all.  From micro-sized medical devices to wild, angry, attack dogs, no project scares him.  Dewey also leads our charge on the video production side, working with our clients to produce compelling and effective videos. 

Dewey enjoys getting the camper out on the weekends, exploring the many corners of Minnesota and sitting around a warm campfire with his family.  



Bill Bartlett / Photographer/Owner

Whether hanging from a roller coaster or meticulously tweaking an in-studio set, Bill's decades of photography experience always shine through. Exceeding clients expections with his keen eye and creativity is just a normal day for Bill.

Two teenagers keeps Bill plenty busy. When he can sneak out you may find him kayaking a local river with friends or checking out his favorite fishing hole.

Greg Kamin / Photographer/Owner

Greg's boundless energy and speed with which he approaches his job, reminds us of the super hero Flash. When you see Greg racing from corporate in-studio sessions to various off-site shoots near and far, you can understand why his 18 years of commercial experience have flown by.

Greg is the lone Packer fan in the studio and is quick to defend the green and gold. Greg and his wife, Mela have three kids and Greg also keeps busy coaching their youth sports.


Jeff Schmieg / Photographer/Owner

Jeff's been working in this studio since he was fresh out of school. Or back in the "Film Age" as we like to say. With a knack for photographing products of all shapes and sizes, he is always up for a fun, unconventional project or exploring a new location for that unique angle.

An avid mountain biker, look for Jeff out on the local trails when he's not in the studio.  Either that or he'll be at the theater with his kids checking out the new Star Wars movie for the 6th or 7th time. 


Cathy Monsoor / Studio Manager

Cathy is the veteran of the studio.  We like to think of her as our mom, but she's more than that.  If you need to schedule a shoot, request an estimate or ask a billing question, she's the one to seek.  Treat her nice enough and she'll make her famous caramel rolls for you next time you're in the studio.

With her son's wedding coming up this summer, Cathy's got a busy schedule ahead but she always has time for a Twins or Vikings game with friends and family. 

Myron Wolf / Studio Coordinator / Assistant Photographer

Keeping the studio a well oiled machine is no small task and Myron is a master at it. Coordinating the projects flowing in and out, assisting on shoots and overseeing the design and construction of any sets our clients need, Myron is an indispensable member of our team.

Myron keeps very busy with his family and he enjoys tinkering on his dad's old truck or playing a round or two of golf.  Come February you can likely find him in the Guatemala area helping with his church's mission program. 




Jill Oldenburg / Business Development

Jill has been handling business development at the studio for over 3 years now. And, for a girl who loves meeting people and dreams up marketing ideas just for kicks, helping to get the word out about our studio is a perfect fit.

Loving anything active, Jill can always be found running with her dog, biking or practicing yoga but happily counters all that healthy stuff with her passion for baking. Still, her true joy is laughing (or fighting!) with her two wild and witty sons.




Bryce Kalal / Video Production Assistant

Bryce is a natural creative whose filmmaking career began at the age of 13 with a VHS-C camcorder and a couple of halloween costumes. Since then, he has been involved in just about every major video production role. From writer to actor to set designer to bathroom-cleaner, his breadth of experience helps him understand the clients' needs, and his passion for storytelling helps him get there.

Outside the studio, Bryce is an active improvisor, musician, author, and classic video game nerd. When he doesn't have a stage to perform on or a boss level to beat, he's usually just explaining the silent L at the end of his last name.


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